Trump and Putin .com

Global consciousness campaign of peace, security and friendly relations
between the free people of The Russian Federation and
The United States of America.

Official negotiations partners of
The Kremlin and The White House.

This is also the claim of the last Nobel Peace Prize officially to be awarded to:

Donald J. Trump and Vladimir Putin.

For putting an end to the cold war between the two countries.

The last, because the Nobel Peace Prize is a corrupted award. No man alive is able to award this prize to another absolutely, other than God and or humanity as a whole. One man's peace is another man's war. This prize can only be accepted by President Trump of The United States of America and President Putin of The Russian Federation if Barack Obama, former President of the United States, officially renounces the awarding of his Nobel Peace Prize, because of the demonstration that this kind of awarded peace meant another man's war.

In living memory of the lives sacrificed to freedom worldwide.

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